Speeding offences not slowing down

New research has identified the most common car crimes in the UK, and the areas where they are most prevalent.

According to GoShorty, which analysed data from a series of Freedom of Information requests and government sources, the most common motoring offence in the UK is speeding with over 1.8million offences.

There was a substantial gap between speeding offences and second-placed crime, ‘theft from a vehicle’, with the latter recording 192,824 offences.

The research also found that there were 75,871 vehicle insurance offences, while there were 48,170 incidents of people driving without a seat belt. Interestingly, the use of mobile phones didn’t make the top 10 common car crimes. It was ranked 15th, with 17,857 offences recorded.

In terms of locations, Lincolnshire has the highest number of speeding offences with 13,420.07 per 100,000 people, while London saw the most thefts from a vehicle with 687.51 per 100,000 and Essex has the highest number of seat belt offences with 286.57 per 100,000.

Meanwhile, Norfolk is the area with the highest number of insurance offences per 100,000 people with 292.23. It was followed by Humberside and Leicestershire with 262.41 and 228.42.