Solera unveils latest FNOL solution

Solera has launched a new solution it believes will enable claims handlers to improve the speed and accuracy of triage decisions following the first notice of loss.

Qapter Intelligent Triage is a global visual intelligence service that allows the policyholder to submit photos of the damaged vehicle following the first contact with their insurer.

The system then utilises machine learning algorithms trained to predict damage severity and offer the most suitable next step – booking a repairer, total loss settlement or further inspection needed – and generates a confidence rating for such decision based on Solera’s extensive database of historical claims. 

Solera’s research indicates that FNOL calls typically take up to 30 minutes plus follow-ups and subsequent administrative work. Qapter Intelligent Triage can reduce this substantially, with more accurate outcomes and improved customer satisfaction.

Beyond identifying total loss vehicles using images in just a few seconds, Qapter Intelligent Triage checks damage against a database of safety-critical parts to identify if the vehicle is safe to drive or needs towing service. It also checks for potentially fraudulent claims by matching geolocation, vehicle model and sub-model, and photos downloaded from the internet.

Marcos Malzone, Solera’s vice president of product marketing, said: “This product provides actionable insights, which can save precious time for claims handlers and loss adjusters and keeps drivers safe by preventing unsafe vehicles from returning to the roads.”

He added: “Our AI is fed new training data every two weeks. This refines the algorithms and ensures that total loss predictions are in sync with changes in market conditions.”