Solera launches DIY solution for car enthusiasts

Solera Holdings has launched Identifix Direct-Hit DIY for car enthusiasts and technicians in the US and Canada.

The industry-leading repair software used by more than 100,000 service professionals and technicians is now available to everyday users as a lower-cost alternative, providing access to repair information for a single vehicle model verified by a team of master techs and confirmed by professional technicians across North America.

The average age of vehicles in operation has increased in recent years as inflation and supply chain challenges have disrupted the automotive industry. As people hold on to vehicles longer, car enthusiasts are taking on more repairs to maintain vehicle longevity.

With Identifix Direct-Hit DIY, users have access to more than 50 years of vehicle makes and models, making it easy to run a search for a vehicle’s issues and quickly find codes and details relevant for the necessary repairs.

“This lower cost version of Direct-Hit is perfect for a DIYer or a project car because it gives the same access to information that professionals use, meaning they can spend less time searching and more time working on their vehicle,” said Bob Mordorski, Identifix ASE-certified master technician.

“This provides access to professional technician-created tests and confirmed fixes which are also backed by comprehensive OEM information to support the quick identification and instruction on how to repair virtually any issue in a vehicle.”

DIY is available now for single vehicle model use for $19.99 (£17.23) per month, and grants users access to the following content:

  • Technician confirmed fixes.
  • OEM service and repair information.
  • Maintenance schedules.
  • Remove and replace short-cut procedures.
  • Component locations diagrams.
  • Interactive colour wiring diagrams.
  • Diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Technical service bulletins.
  • Specs and capacities.
  • Parts and labour estimating.