Smart motorways top driver concerns

New research has revealed that more than half of UK drivers are worried behind the wheel, with smart motorway causing the most anxiety.

According to IAM Roadsmart, which surveyed more than 1,000 motorists, 60% said they had concerns driving UK roads, with 33% reporting that they are most worried about driving on smart motorways. This compares starkly with the six per cent of drivers who are worried about motorways with a hard shoulder.

Meanwhile, only 14% of drivers stated that they are worried about driving on rural or countryside single carriage way roads, despite the fact that most road related deaths occur on them.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at IAM RoadSmart, said: “Our research has laid bare the staggering number of people who feel worried about driving on Britain’s roads. We would encourage drivers to do all they can to re-educate themselves, especially during National Road Victim Month, on how to navigate the unique challenges and considerations each road type presents.”

He continued: “While statistics may well show that smart motorways have fewer fatal crashes than conventional motorways, our research shows that far too many drivers still don’t feel safe on them. Moving forward, it is vital that National Highways up their efforts to keep the public informed and continue to raise awareness of how to drive safely on smart motorways. It is also clear that awareness needs to be raised about the risks of rural roads. Far from being a pleasant drive in the countryside, these are the type of roads which can punish mistakes with death and injury.”