Red letter day for Repairify

Repairfiy company Red EU has been certified for its compliance with ISO 9001 quality management standards in its Dunstable operation.

This marks a major milestone in Repairify’s operations to respond to the needs of its customers in the UK and across Europe.

Aligning the company’s quality management tools and processes with the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standards ensures Red EU is constantly monitoring, managing, and improving the quality of its products and services to meet customers’ expectations and regulatory requirements.

Paul Cunningham, head of operations in the UK, said: “A commitment to ISO certifications is the first step in ensuring we underpin our operations with a robust, process-driven infrastructure that will enable Repairify to accelerate its growth and be a customer-driven organisation. This is one of several initiatives we are undertaking that will ensure the company is delivering best-in-class service and technology solutions that enable customers to be proficient in ADAS-related automotive repairs, and to enhance the user experience.”