Public charging remains a postcode lottery

A new report has revealed the percentage of households without the space to charge at their own property but situated within five minutes of a public EV charger has risen from 12% to 17% since 2020.

New research from Field Dynamics, in partnership with Zap-Map, has revealed this is an increase of more than 40%.

However, the report also found that coverage remains very inconsistent across different councils, especially outside of London. Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow all scored well, but other regions remain under-served.

Zap-Map Co-founder and COO Melanie Shufflebotham said: “We welcome such a significant increase in the number of chargers just a five-minute walk from households without a driveway, but it’s clear that the government and local authorities need to increase availability to meet demand. It can of course be a complex task to find and develop new sites, but we need to see much greater urgency, across the country.”

Field Dynamics managing director Ben Allan said: “The clear summary of this report is that there is very little consistency in approach and outcome, there is little correlation between demand and investment and finally little standardisation between the different council types. This inherently means that while some are getting it right, many are getting it expensively wrong and will carry on doing so for some time.”