Premier Group announces open day

Premier Group will be hosting an open day in October, after figures from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) revealed that automotive vacancies are at their highest level for 20 years.

It’s analysis showed that motor trades had the sixth highest vacancy rate of all industry sectors with more than 23,000 automotive vacancies – accounting for approximately four per cent of the workforce.

Phil Ashley, director of Premier Group automotive repair garage in Cannock, Staffordshire, said: “The traditional views and perceptions of a person working in automotive are outdated and holding back potential new trainees. When people think about a car repair technician many picture mechanics covered in oil; working in dark, cold and dirty environments. This is far from the case today, with so many varied roles in the industry.

“The technicians of today are highly skilled utilising hi-tech equipment working with cars featuring automated safety systems and complex electronics. Unfortunately, the misconceptions of the automotive industry are limiting the number of people investigating career opportunities.”

To help address the misconceptions and encourage young people to get a better understanding of the industry, Premier Group is opening their doors to anyone wanting to know more about the industry on Saturday, 15 October, between noon and 3pm.

The day is being held in association with School of Thought and is aimed at those aged 14-20.

Meanwhile, Premier Group has also created the Premier Group Apprenticeship scheme which has enabled a number of young people to start their careers with support, training and even professional tools provided. The scheme aims to place apprentices at car repair garages to ensure opportunities for young people in an industry calling out for fresh blood for so many different roles.