Oxford introduces Zero Emission Zone

Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council is introducing a Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) today in a bid to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality.

This is part of a wider strategy of moving towards zero emission travel within the city.

James Attwood, editor of Move Electric, said: “The Oxford Zero Emissions Zone is an important step in tackling urban air quality and is the first of its kind in the UK. Other cities across the country are either considering or set to implement Clean Air Zones that would see higher polluting vehicles charged to enter, much like London’s existing Ultra Low Emissions Zone.

“Currently, it’s up to local authorities to implement Clean Air Zones and Zero Emissions Zones, but as they become more commonplace, a discussion should be had whether the rules, fees and payment options should be the same across all cities to avoid confusing drivers and businesses operating nationally.

“Research by Move Electric of 1,202 UK drivers found 64% are in favour of introducing Clean Air Zones or Zero Emissions Zones to improve air quality, with 67% keen to see their local city introduce one in the future. Nearly a fifth said their local authority already has a similar zone in place or has announced plans to install one.

“Zero Emissions Zones and Clean Air Zones will also have a positive impact on electric vehicle sales, with 45% of respondents stating the growing number of Clean Air Zones and Zero Emissions Zones is making them more likely to consider an electric vehicle as their next car.”