New laws set for UK roads

Regarding mobile phone usage, the new laws have been updated to ensure that using a phone behind the wheel is met with a greater fine of £200 and a possible six points on your licence.

Meanwhile, speed limiters are already permitted to be fitted on vehicles with more than eight passenger seats and also any goods vehicles with a maximum weight exceeding 2.5 tonnes, but now all new cars are permitted to be built with an inbuilt speed-limiter to cap the top speed of the vehicle.

With regards to low-emission zones, which are becoming more common around the country, drivers could face fines of up to £500 if their vehicles do not meet the standards and they fail to pay associated charges.

A new low-emission zone is being introduced to Bradford on 26 September, with Bristol, Newcastle and Gateshead expected to follow suit later in the year.

The fourth new law relates to transporting goods to Europe, with drivers required to have a standard international goods vehicle operator licence for transporting goods for hire or reward in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Tom Hixon, head of instructor support from Bill Plant Driving School, said: “Staying up to date with the rules of the road is extremely important for all motorists. You can opt to stay informed with any updates and changes made to the legislation via email, which serves as a more practical alternative to checking the government website on a regular basis. It is worth noting that we are seeing a few changes made to road laws; with adjustments being seen in regard to devices, speed and emissions. Brexit has also led to changes to rules, such as those surrounding transporting goods to Europe.”