Millennials set standard for cleaner cars

Millennial drivers are more image conscious when it comes to their cars than any other generation.

New research from Volkswagen Financial Services UK has shown that people aged 25-34 are more than three times as likely (22%) to wash their car on a weekly basis compared to people aged 45 and over (6%).

However, standards may be slipping across the nation, with just 24% of people saying they wash their car more regularly now compared to a decade ago. Similarly, just 10% of drivers pay for their car to be cleaned more often now versus 2012.

In a separate section of their survey, almost half of the nation (45%) believe that drivers get better with age, versus 28% who disagree and 27% who are unsure. The research also found that more than a quarter (28%) would be put off by a date who could not drive.

Charlotte Cheeseman, head of marketing at Volkswagen Financial Services UK, said: “I think our study offers a fascinating insight in to British society as it highlights how priorities shift between generations. Younger people clearly look after their personal vehicles and take pride in their appearance, which reflects a wider trend of Millennials wanting products to stay in good condition for longer because they are more sustainability-minded. But it’s also interesting to see people admitting to washing their cars less frequently than they used to, which perhaps speaks to the frantic pace of modern life and people not having as much time on their hands to carry out such jobs.”