Marriot Motor Group enhances security protocols

The Marriot Motor Group has boosted the data security it can provide customers in a new partnership with iStoreDOCS.

The iStoreDOCS platform, which integrates with sales and dealer technology systems to reduce the need to re-enter data and provides an audit trail of activity for each customer, has rolled out to 13 sites in the Group.

The platform also enables documents to be stored in the cloud for extra security.
Austin Seales, director of strategic development at Marriot Motor Group, said: “Our customers’ data security is a paramount concern to us, and it was essential that we implement a platform that ensured essential data and documentation is secure. After a comprehensive review of the market, we choose iStoreDOCS because it provided a cutting edge solution that was easy to use and provided a good audit trail for compliance procedures.”

Mark Craven, director and iStoreDOCS product owner, said: “The team at Marriot Motor Group have embraced our technology and understand the huge amount of work that has gone into designing the platform. We believe that it’s the next generation of documentation management and gives dealers the flexibility they need to navigate a rapidly changing industry.”