Keyloop and Salesforce deliver breakthrough tech solution

Keyloop and Salesforce have teamed up to enable the sharing of customer data in real-time between the OEMs, retailers and the wider supply chain.

In an industry first, the successful deployment of this technology in Spain now opens the door to a wider roll-out across Europe.

The tool connects third-party users to Salesforce through an OEM integration platform, streamlining the aftersales experience.

Megan Harvey, EVP of Alliances and OEMs at Keyloop, said: “Automotive consumer journeys are becoming increasingly complex due to consumer demand for seamless omnichannel experiences and emerging models such as agency or mobility-as-a-service. Accurate and real-time data is pivotal to enabling relevant, personalised consumer experiences throughout each step of the journey.

“As leaders in their respective fields, Keyloop and Salesforce enable automotive brands and retail networks to map the critical data exchanges and add value to each consumer interaction. In addition, the close collaboration in this project will connect people and teams throughout the supply chain to ensure they are working with a current and consistent view of consumer engagements and activities.”

Additionally, it will improve the customer experience through greater accuracy and a single view of their requirements at all stages of the retail process and aftersales.