It’s lights, camera, action for RWC Training

Work has began on a series of technical training videos commissioned by Nissan, to be directed and produced by RWC Training Centre in Milton Keynes.

The video content will be edited into short technical bulletins and made exclusively accessible to the Nissan approved bodyshop network across the UK.

Many weeks of behind-the-scenes storyboarding and script writing goes into each video, which are being produced by a dedicated team of technical trainers at RWC.

The video project will involve the entire Nissan model range with filming expected to continue through to the end of 2022.

“The new RWC Technology Centre provides the perfect workshop setting for the shooting location with its clinical environment,” said RWC managing director Rob Ward. “The workshop takes on a transformation for filming days with lights, cables and cameras, and returns to a fully equipped ADAS and electric vehicle training facility once each filming day is complete.

“The Nissan technical video project is an excellent opportunity for the business to diversify, to get involved in something completely different and it strengthens our relationship with another major vehicle manufacturer,” he added.

A total of six Nissan models will be filmed at RWC including the recently launched Nissan ARIYA, the VM’s latest fully electric SUV.