IMI report reveals looming skills crisis

The Institute of the Motor Industry is predicting a 160,000 shortfall in skilled workers by 2031.

Its latest Automotive Sector Employment report attributes this growing skills gaps to the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, the pandemic, decreased immigration and fewer people of working age.

Despite forecasting a two per cent decrease in the number of jobs available in the automotive industry by 2031, the report warns that vacancies will keep rising to reach unprecedented levels, with vehicle technician accounting for 16% of all unfilled positions.

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI said: “The industry faces its biggest skills challenge of the last two decades. We have been lobbying government, the automotive industry and the education sector for a long time to invest in addressing the shortage in qualified EV technicians, and the majority have stepped up to the challenge. But our latest report worryingly reveals that the UK’s lack of EV skills are just the tip of the iceberg.

“An aging population is a significant contributor to the dilemma. Many of our older workers are set to retire over the coming years and fewer younger workers are joining the labour force. Without doubt, more needs to be done to attract young blood into the UK’s automotive sector.”