IMI awards futuristic design award to 11-year-old

Eleven-year-old Jai Mistry of West Yorkshire has been named the winner of a competition to design a concept car for the future.

The competition launched by automotive professional body, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and motor retailer the Sytner Group set out to inspire the next generation of vehicle users to design a concept car for 2030.

The design – which Mistry named CaSE (Cost-Saving, Safe and Environmentally friendly) – brings together the latest technologies to reduce vehicle ownership costs, protect the planet and keep families safe.

Over 50 entries were received from schools across the UK but the winning entry included nearly 20 technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and money saving design features such as airless rubber and fibre glass tyres, which will last longer, save fuel and are recyclable and a Graphene battery to save recharge time and go the extra mile. Meanwhile, biometric technology offered the ultimate vehicle security, while seatbelt and steering wheel monitors assess the health conditions of the driver in emergency situations. Further, virtual door mirrors on the inside of the car improve visibility in poor driving conditions.

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI, said: “In addition to the colossal thought gone into his vehicle design, which is bursting with new inventions, Jai delivered a well-thought-out brand and marketing campaign to promote his vision of the future. It is incredibly inspiring coming from someone so young and underlines why we really must listen to the future generations when it comes to sustainable mobility.”

Paul Hudspith, Sytner, added: “Should it go into production in the future, Jai’s family friendly CaSE design ticks all the boxes needed to not only support the automotive sector in meeting the Government’s Road to Zero ambition, but also ensure a safe, green and affordable motoring future for centuries to come.”