Highway Code changes lost in blind spot

A poll conducted by NFU Mutual has found that 57% of UK drivers are not aware of Highway Code changes that were introduced this weekend.

New or amended measures say that all road users, from motorists to vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, should be given adequate space when overtaking, and while vulnerable road users should allow drivers to pass when it is safe to do so, drivers should be aware that it is sometimes advisable for horse riders and cyclists to occupy the centre of the lane.

Meanwhile, faster road users should slow down for vulnerable road users and pass them at a low speed, with horses in the road passed at speeds no more than 15 mph.

The updated Highway Code also states that vulnerable road users have greater right of way protection. All road users should give way to pedestrians waiting to cross at a junction and motorists should not cut across cyclists going straight ahead when turning into or out of a junction.

Dave Rossall, head of motor claims at NFU Mutual, said: “Although NFU Mutual members will see no change in their cover over the Highway Code changes, the implications of the changes on determining liability in insurance claims will only become clear over time.

“The best protection from personal and financial harm is ultimately to do everything possible to avoid accidents. This starts by respecting road safety and fellow road users. Our advice is to protect yourself and others by respecting fellow road users and familiarising yourself with the updated Highway Code as soon as possible.”