Fix Auto Cheltenham unveils upgraded site

Fix Auto Cheltenham owners Kieran Humphries and Andrew Emery have seen the first vehicles rolled into their new 15,000 sqft state-of-the-art repair centre.

The result of a major £400,000 investment, the site provides four times the workspace than their previous site and, once fully operational with additional staff recruited, will have the capacity to repair more than 250 vehicles a month.

The new centre holds 25 work bays and will also see the introduction of an MOT service station.

Central to the new site will be two spraybooths positioned to ensure a seamless circular workflow to ensure maximum efficiency and when fully operational, following a recruitment drive do double their workforce, productivity will surpass 200 vehicles a month.

Emery said: “After all the conversations, planning and countless hours ploughed into making this development happen, to actually see vehicles roll into the new building and worked on was a truly monumental moment for the business.

“We have always been ambitious but there’s no doubt that those ambitions have been accelerated because of the support, guidance and confidence we have received from the network.”

Humphries said: “This is an extremely proud moment for me. The business is light years away from the one I started alongside my father in 2009. We said then that we wanted to be the region’s leading repair centre. While we have long held the skills and talent to be among the best in the business, today I can honestly say our building and facilities match that talent and so, in my mind, elevates us to that top spot.”