EVs top fastest-selling list in June

Figures from Auto Trader have revealed that electric cars were not only the fastest fuel type to sell in June, taking an average of just 27 days, compared to 33 and 35 days for used petrol and diesel cars respectively, but also made up 70% of the top fastest selling models.

This is in stark contract to last June, when seven of the top 10 were diesel, two were petrol, and one was a petrol hybrid. The highest ranked EV in June 2021 was a Kia Niro, which came in at number 86.

Richard Walker, Auto Trader’s director of data and insights, said: “The data highlights just how fast the electric market has moved on since last year. Fuelled by greater choice, better range, and more awareness, electric vehicles are now very much in the public consciousness.

“And with no end in sight of the rocketing fuel prices, for those that can afford the ‘green premium’, making the switch has never been more appealing, especially as we calculate the average EV driver can save around £176 per 1,000 miles using a home charger. Clearly there is a real growing opportunity here for retailers in not just the new car market, but the used too.”