EV hire demand still minimal

A quarter (26%) of customers would like to hire an electric car, although concerns around charging remain a dissuading factor.

This is according to a survey carried out by Opinium, on behalf of iCarhireinsurance.com, a leading provider of stand-alone car hire excess insurance.

Charging concerns (32%) and reservations about the driving range (31%) were the two main reasons drivers were reluctant to try an EV, although a quarter (25%) also admitted that they would not pay more for an EV than a petrol or diesel.

Ernesto Suarez, founder and CEO of iCarhireinsurance.com, said: Many rental companies are starting to invest in electric fleets but until drivers can be reassured that the charging infrastructure is in place, there will naturally be some reticence from holiday makers and corporate travellers, particularly if they are visiting a new destination. If you are just using the hire car to pootle around short distances, then renting one could be a great opportunity to try one out.”