eBay champions green parts

eBay Green Parts for business is urging bodyshops to promote the wider use of green parts in repairs to their customers.

The use of green parts has been on the increase in recent years, with drivers increasingly conscientious about environmental issues and the pandemic disrupting the supply of parts meaning repair times and costs have increased dramatically.

However, while a number of surveys have revealed the growing acceptance of recycled parts, there is still a section of the market that is reluctant to use them.

Now, eBay Green Parts has revealed that recycled parts are up to 70% cheaper than new parts and revealed that if the UK increased the number of recycled parts by just 10% it would avoid 390,000 vehicle parts going to landfill each year, saving nearly 190,000 tonnes in carbon emissions.

It said, “Vehicle repairers can, and must, play a positive role in helping to implement the use of green parts. Over half of drivers admit they look to the repairer to give the best advice, and they trust their judgement. The benefits of using green parts are clear for both repairers and end customers, so now it all comes down to having the confidence to tell the green parts story.”