Congestion clogging up local roads

More than half of adults in the UK believe there is too much traffic congestion in their local area.

A new opinion poll carried out Ipsos and reported in TransportXtra found that 55% of adults in the UK believe traffic levels in their communities have reached unacceptable levels.

The research also found that around a fifth of people (21%) agree it is less important to own a car nowadays than previously.

Richard Dilks, chief executive of Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK), national charity for shared transport, which promotes initiatives such as car clubs to reduce congestion and help the environment, said: “Shared transport schemes where people can share access to bikes and cars without owning them reduce the number of privately-owned cars, cut congestion and can cut costs for people – something which is increasingly important amid the cost-of-living crisis.

“Shared transport also supports efforts to reach net zero, with the shift to resources such as car clubs, bike share, shared rides and demand responsive transport having a lower impact on the environment and transport infrastructure.

“By making shared transport and active travel more convenient than car use, we can reduce people’s dependency on private vehicles.”