Car clubs reducing UK car parc

The number of active car club members in the UK almost doubled last year according to a new report, which concluded that more than 116,000 privately-owned vehicles have been removed from roads.

Research by the national shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) found the UK’s active membership – those who joined, renewed or used a car club vehicle in the past 12 months – reached 450,231 in 2021, a rise of 96%.

CoMoUK’s Car Club Annual Report 2021 estimates that 20 private cars were replaced by each vehicle in the UK’s 5,806-strong car club fleet last year, and that more than 116,000 have been taken off the road by currently active members.

The charity highlighted several benefits to car club membership including saving users’ money, reducing emissions and increasing numbers of people using public transport and active travel as a result of getting rid of a car.

Meanwhile, a survey of car club members in the UK showed 73% of respondents agreed that membership had saved them money compared to owning a car, and 27% said saving money was a reason for joining.

Overall membership of car clubs in the UK grew by 24 per cent in 2021 to 784,122.

Richard Dilks, chief executive of CoMoUK, said: “Car clubs replace privately-owned cars with fewer and more efficient vehicles, which are easy and affordable to access 24/7 while boosting use of public transport and walking and cycling.

“Motorists can save thousands of pounds a year by not owning a car, and our survey shows this also results in them engaging in a more active lifestyle through walking and cycling.

“These schemes, along with other shared transport modes like bike and ride sharing, have the potential to dramatically reduce congestion on our roads and carbon emissions.
“If the UK is to meet its climate change targets, we must harness the full potential of car clubs and shared transport.”