Bodyshops back new tech to accelerate cycle times

More than half of bodyshops believe artificial intelligence could accelerate the estimating process.

According to an Audatex survey of its repairer community, 56% of respondents said AI could improve staff efficiency during the estimating process.

Meanwhile, 51% said the technology could improve customer service and 50% said it could give them the ability to order parts earlier.

The survey also asked bodyshops what the main delays were to cycle times, with 54% citing parts ordering. A further 46% said the time required to complete assessments delayed the process, while 45% cited awaiting insurer approval.

Respondents said estimating times for a lightly damaged vehicles averaged between 16 and 30 minutes, and between 31 and 60 minutes for medium damaged vehicles. The average time to estimate a heavily damaged vehicle was anything more than an hour.

Audatex said: “There is no denying that there is an appetite for AI to support the industry. To tackle the challenges of the ongoing skills shortage we need to build trust in AI and see it as an enabler to do more with a smaller, highly skilled workforce.”