Ben goes live with updated website

Ben has unveiled its revamped website, which is intended to make it more responsive to all digital devices and simpler to navigate.

The updated site has also been designed to offer quick and easy access to essential self-help tools and resources to help improve the health and wellbeing of the automotive industry across the UK.

This comes after the demand for support reached an all-time high last year, with more people than ever contacting Ben for help since the emergence of the Covid pandemic. Online support in particular is in high demand, with Ben noting a massive 184% increase in web visitors from October 2016 compared to October 2021.

Rachel Clift, health and wellbeing director at Ben, said: “The launch of the new website is really exciting for us, not only because it will enable us to increase our reach to the automotive industry and its people, but it also serves as a huge opportunity to offer industry people access to many self-help tools and resources, designed to help them earlier and prevent them from reaching crisis point.

“Our aim is to help individuals navigate through life’s challenges, empowering them to make positive, lasting change. If we can intervene at an early stage and connect individuals with the right information, advice and guidance, we stand a much better change of preventing issues from arising in the first place or developing into something that could have a much more serious impact.

“The new website will go a long way towards getting the message out there to our automotive family – to ensure they know they are not alone, Ben is on hand to help them as and when they need it.”