BCA launches new sales programme

BCA has launched a new daily sales programme to support its customers.

This new initiative, which features daily sales, with around 1,000 cars offered each week initially, has been launched to fill the shortage created by reduced levels of direct-entered OEM stock at auction, a situation that is unlikely to change as long as the new car market continues to experience supply chain shortages.

Stuart Pearson, BCA COO UK, said: “We recognise that with the pressure on new car supply, many of the traditional sources for retail-prepped vehicles now have severely restricted volumes, making these cars incredibly difficult to source.

“BCA Forecourt Ready has been created to plug a gap in the market and ensure that BCA’s buyer customers have access to a regular, aggregated daily supply of these high demand, retail prepared vehicles. BCA buyers can begin marketing their purchases immediately using our high quality imagery, safe in the knowledge that the vehicle will require little or no pre-sale preparation when it arrives at their dealership.

“BCA is using it’s scale to further support retail dealers, by managing the complex, exacting and time consuming refurbishment activities necessary to bring used vehicles up to approved retail standards.”