AX and Tusker enhance partnership

AX and Tusker have grown their established partnership to encompass AX’s pioneering AX Electric offering.

For the past nine years, AX has supplied salary sacrifice experts Tusker with its tailored non-fault credit hire services, providing an outstanding customer journey which mirrors Tusker’s own.

However, with Tusker’s rapid growth in its provision of BEVs (over 60% of all new vehicle orders in 2021 and an already rapidly growing order book for 2022), it needed a solution which could meet the demands and expectations specific to drivers already invested in the EV journey.

With the launch of AX Electric in 2021, AX has evolved its services to offer Tusker customers a 100% EV-for-EV guarantee, something it delivered on last year for every Tusker EV driver involved in a non-fault accident requiring a replacement car. In fact, EV replacement hires now represent 40% of all non-fault hires involving a Tusker customer.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, managing director at AX Automotive, said: “As the rapid adoption of EVs continues, the specific needs of EV drivers will only become more prominent. AX Electric is already ahead of the curve by ensuring customers always receive a comparable replacement EV in the event of them being involved in a non-fault accident.

“Tusker is the perfect example of how there is already significant demand for an EV-specific provision like AX Electric and we look forward to continuing the growth of this service as Tusker customers make their transition to electric vehicles.”

Kit Wisdom, operations director at Tusker, said: “We decided to partner with AX because its proposition focuses on the driver journey and allows us to provide an incredibly consistent service to our customers. When you consider that most of our customers have committed to a salary sacrifice scheme, it’s really important we are able to offer a consistently first-rate service in the event of their vehicle being involved in an incident which isn’t their fault. That includes the provision of a vehicle which is similar to their own in terms of quality, size or fuel type – something which is only emphasised by electric vehicles.”