AW Repair first group to complete Thatcham EV training

As the number of electric vehicle registrations continues to increase rapidly – with 190,792 pure electric cars registered in 2021, up from 108,205 the year before – AW Repair Group has achieved Thatcham Research’s EV Ready certification across all its sites.

AW, one of the UK’s leading accident repair groups, was the first to sign up for Thatcham’s pioneering EV Ready training programme, in August 2021. The training formed the basis of standardised learning for all staff, in addition to AW’s TecKnowlogy Centres which already specialise in repairing EVs.

More than 200 technical and administration staff across the business are now “EV Aware”, having completed e-learning modules featuring tailored content for all employees.

Technical teams have also completed a Level 3 qualification to ensure EVs can be safely managed across all sites.

Steve Hoe, technical development and VM executive at AW Repair Group, said: “Although we already have several TecKnowlogy Centres specialising in EVs, Tesla and multi-material repair, we felt it was really important for all the team to have certified EV awareness, particularly as we are now seeing an increase in EV offerings across the whole of the car parc.

“Knowing the safety precautions to take when near a ring-fenced EV repair in progress or simply being able to talk competently with an EV driver are just two basic side benefits of the EV Ready certification.”

Dean Lander, head of repair sector services at Thatcham Research, said: “It’s been a huge pleasure to award AW with its EV Ready certification. As a progressive, agile business, AW quickly recognised the need, and opportunity, to upskill all staff who might come into contact with an EV.”