AutoRaise supports apprenticeship standards review

AutoRaise has appointed Seren Skills consultancy to support the work of industry trailblazer group BRIT.

The industry has five apprenticeship standards and all five of these are long overdue a review. With some significant challenges, not least of all time for the BRIT volunteers, the trailblazer group has identified a significant risk to the future of apprenticeships within our industry.

The government agency, The Institute for Apprenticeships, Training, and Education, (IfATE) was becoming increasingly concerned due to a lack of progress on the revision. There was a significant danger of having some of the apprenticeship standards, that the industry relies on so heavily, being removed due to them not meeting the demands of IfATE’s standards.

The BRIT group, made up of industry volunteers, was giving as much time as was available. However, the route review process is a complex landscape and requires specialist knowledge. Trustees of AutoRaise, with the BRIT group, identified the need for more experience in funding/lobbying and the government’s education departments’ frameworks to help “project manage” the review process.

The AutoRaise Board felt compelled to support as without quality apprenticeship standards there would be no apprenticeships for the industry.

AutoRaise, with the support of BRIT chair, Steve Hoe, has appointed consulting firm, Seren Skills Consultancy, to help BRIT with the challenges. Seren Skills will now lead the review of all five apprenticeship standards to ensure their longevity in the industry.

AutoRaise will provide financial and operational support to enable the consultants to be appointed and commit to the organisational support required through the charity’s only paid employee.

Patrick Tucker and Hannah Lloyd, owners, and consultants of Seren Skills, have already started work on the review process for the Accident Repair Technician standard. Their work with BRIT will continue until all five standards have been reviewed and the government departments responsible fully recognise and properly fund all five of these apprenticeship standards.

AutoRaise Trustee and BRIT member, Dean Lander, said “It is so important that the industry has quality apprenticeship standards that reflect the complexity of skills required to safely repair today’s vehicles and all the incumbent technology. I am so pleased that collaborating with both BRIT and AutoRaise we have been able to secure this important expertise on behalf of the sector.”