Autoglass confirms ADAS partnership

Autoglass has announced new partnership with BOSCH that will see the global technology provider become the supplier of choice for its market leading ADAS recalibration service.

The company is rolling out the new BOSCH Connected Recalibration tools in all of its centres and will have completed UK coverage by January 2022.

The state-of-the-art recalibration tools have a digital camera system that understands a car’s exact position and guides the technician through every step of the set-up process. This ensures that every recalibration is conducted and recorded precisely, closely in line with the manufacturer’s target specification. The new technology thereby increases in-house capabilities at Autoglass, meaning 99.4% of vehicles can now be recalibrated in house and reducing the need for dealership referrals.

Tim Camm, technical training manager, Autoglass, said: “At Autoglass, we always aim to stay one step ahead of the latest technology hitting UK roads, and ADAS is currently at the cutting-edge of that technological wave. Our previous generation of tools have served us well, allowing us to provide a market leading recalibration service, but we must futureproof our offering to prepare for the vehicles of the future and the needs of our customers.

“This is a significant partnership with BOSCH, and one that will allow us to provide state of the art ADAS recalibration services across our business for years to come. A more advanced and efficient set-up process, along with more enhanced compliance reporting for our technicians, also means even better customer satisfaction and less downtime for every vehicle in need of attention.”