Auto Trader delivers real-time pricing to retailers

Auto Trader has announced an upgrade to its retailer solution that will integrate the latest pricing data with retailer’s existing processes and systems.

Auto Trader Connect, Valuations, will be available to all retailer partners as standard from April next year, although retailers can have early access from November if technology partners have already integrated the solution into their platforms.

By integrating richer data and enabling faster connectivity between third party system providers, Auto Trader Connect enables retailers to update multiple back-end and consumer-facing systems with advanced vehicle data in real-time.

It ensures consistency and accuracy with minimal effort, and in doing so, removes some of the biggest pain points for both consumers and retailers alike.

Auto Trader Valuations are calculated from daily pricing analysis of about 1.3 million vehicles, including 116,000 pricing updates and an average of 39,000 vehicles added or removed from Auto Trader.

Meanwhile, Part-Exchange Valuation will provide retailers with an accurate guide of what to offer a consumer for their trade-in vehicle.

Chief operating officer, Catherine Faiers, said: “This next phase of Auto Trader Connect is an example of how we’re combining the scale of our data and the power of our technology to address key challenges our retailers face. We believe this is among the most powerful ways we can help our partners given the unpredictability of today’s market, and the unprecedented speed in which it’s moving.

“We know that those businesses that have already enabled Auto Trader Connect are driving better margins, greater efficiencies and an improved consumer experience. But by integrating our valuations, retailers will now be able to respond immediately and easily to changes in the market with the most accurate real-time valuations data available.”