AB Dynamics launches new ADAS test solution

AB Dynamics and sister company Dynamic Research have launched a new next-generation two-wheeler to support the testing of new active safety systems.

Motorcyclists make up 23% of all road traffic deaths but the safe deployments of new technologies such as ADAS can help protect vulnerable road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

Dr Andrew Pick, AB Dynamics’ business director – Track Test Systems, said: “Developing and testing these systems safely and effectively requires a highly-accurate ADAS target. Ensuring that ADAS systems not only reliably pass the specific Euro NCAP tests but also work properly and consistently in the real world is a key challenge for vehicle manufacturers. Minimising false alarms is critical to consumer acceptance and translating better safety ratings into safer roads.”

The Soft Motorcycle 360 complies with Euro NCAP 2023 and ISO 19206-5 draft requirements, and is capable of an 80km/h top speed.

Jordan Silberling, product development manager at Dynamic Research, said: “Vehicle sensors are undergoing continuous development and perception systems are becoming more discerning. They are using an increasing amount of sensor data, such as radar return and IR reflectance, to accurately classify objects in the world ahead. The best way to future-proof ADAS targets to ensure they work with next-generation sensor systems is to make them as realistic as possible.”