Webinar dates confirmed for bodyshop training

Two new webinars in the ‘Elite Body Shop Systems Made Simple’ series have been scheduled for 17 November and 8 December.

The free online training, delivered by Dave Luehr and Brent Henkle, will attempt to show attendees not only how to create their own keys-to-key operational playbook, but also how to implement it with their team.

Luehr said: “If you want the freedom a turn-key business can deliver to you as an owner or manager, you will not want to miss this two-part Elite Webinar. We’ll be teaching the operations framework working successfully in many of the highest performing shops in North America.”

Part One will show how to determine which processes should be included in a playbook and which to leave out, the value of lean thinking, administrative workflow documentation and how to focus on the root causes of most system problems and how to eliminate them first.

Part two will consider implementation of the playbook, training and testing recommendations, auditing systems to ensure compliance, measuring success, and accountability.