Roberlo reveals new training concept

Roberlo has launched a new training concept for the car refinishing industry.

Aimed at painters, bodyshop and distributors, Crom Campus is the free access point to all the knowledge, training and information in the areas of car refinishing and industry of Roberlo and Disolac.

Available through any digital device, the platform gives access to specialised training, articles, blog posts and tips.

The courses have been designed by professionals and are made up of lessons that are no more than 10 minutes and produced in a variety of formats: animations, videos, and infographics.

At the end of each course, a final exam must be passed in order to obtain a diploma that certifies that the course has been completed.

Meanwhile, the website agenda section includes the Crom Campus events. These consist of live online meetings with specialists and leading collaborators in the sector, helping the industry to address and keep abreast of developments, trends and the latest technologies.