Polestar launches new test drive hub

Polestar UK has opened a new test drive hub in Milton Keynes, offering over 7,000 consumers the opportunity to drive a Polestar 2 before the end of the year.

The site supplements Polestar London and Polestar Manchester.

Eight vehicles – each purely for demonstration purposes, will be available to customers to enjoy on unaccompanied test drives.

Jonathan Goodman, CEO of Polestar UK, said: “We saw such huge demand in 2020 for test drives. It was clear we needed to deliver more opportunity for consumers and so Milton Keynes was an obvious choice. Excellent transport links, great test drive routes and a reputation as the foremost technological centre of the UK ensure it’s the perfect location for us.”

Polestar UK will also deliver a series of other semi-permanent test-drive hubs – in Daventry, Cambridge and Harrogate – over the summer.