Polestar finds perfect Fix

Fix Auto Blackburn and Fix Auto Dagenham are two of the first repairers in Britain to be selected for Polestar approval.

They have been selected as a direct result of the service they provide Polestar’s parent company Volvo.

Steve Plunkett, Volvo and Polestar’s body and paint programme development manager, said: “Polestar is now firmly established here in the UK. It’s a brand that is growing at a phenomenal pace and we are having to effectively play catch-up by providing owners with a network of approved repairers who meet the demands and requirements laid out by years of service to motorists by Volvo.

“I reached out to our Volvo Approved repairers to gauge their position in repairing EVs which arrive with specific requirements of their own to ensure safe repairs. Peter Weddle and his team at Fix Auto Blackburn have invested heavily in their EV repair processes over recent times, because of the high standards they already meet on a daily basis, signing off their new status was really a formality and a privilege.”

Steve added: “Since being appointed as one of our Volvo repairers three years ago, Fix Auto Dagenham has met every requirement we demand and excelled as one of our official repairers. Again, they too have sailed through our requirements.”

Peter Weddle, director of Fix Auto Blackburn, said: “We have invested heavily over the last 12 months to ensure we are equipped and trained to repair Polestars and other EV’s safely and efficiently.”

Paul Cunningham, commercial director at Fix Auto Dagenham, said: “Our industry is developing at such a frenetic pace that some say hasn’t been experienced in decades and that is mainly down to the explosion of EVs. Polestar has undoubtedly emerged as a leading premium brand in this area. Being appointed as one of the company’s first official repairers is a privilege.”