Herefordshire tops roadworks charts

New research has estimated that motorists lose up to 28 hours a year stuck in traffic caused by roadworks.

According to a new study by Moneybarn, based on data from a Freedom of Information request, Herefordshire is the county which has been plagued by the most roadworks in the last two years, with 105,614.

That was over than 20,000 more than the next council, which was Sheffield with 84,587. Birmingham, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire, West Northamptonshire and Leeds made up the top 10 areas with the most roadworks.

Midloathian had least amount of roadworks with just 49, while Torbay (169), the Shetland Islands (214) and Blackburn and Darwen (263) were also relatively untroubled by roadworks.

Meanwhile, looking at the areas with the biggest increase in roadworks, County Durham, Staffordshire and South Tyneside were the local councils affected the most. County Durham’s residents experienced a 2063% increase in roadworks, from just 628 projects in 2019/20 to 13,581 in 2020/21.