Growing shift to online purchasing

Nearly a third of motorists would now be prepared to research and purchase a new car online.

According to a survey carried out by YesAuto, 30% would be happy to complete the whole process online, while 48% would be prepared to do all their research online.

The survey also found that 40% of respondents state they’re now more wary of public transport, with more than one in five (22%) wary of using car-sharing services.

In terms of ownership models, 61% of respondents stated they’d opt for outright ownership straightaway while 37% stated they would look to hire purchase or lease their vehicle.

Neil You, general manager, said: “The research clearly highlights how the pandemic has accelerated changing consumer habits, even when it comes to one of life’s big-ticket items. Even though purchasing a car is a significant investment, consumers are confident they can make informed decisions using solely online tools, such as aggregator and dealership websites.”