‘Freedom day’ won’t impact staycations

The aftermarket industry boon expected from a summer surge in staycations is not expected to wane despite the easing of international travel restrictions.

Research from Autoglass found that 85% of people are still planning to holiday at home this year, meaning the roads are expected to extremely busy during the summer. The survey also found that 47% of respondents said they expect to use their vehicles more frequently in the next three months, with only seven per cent of respondents saying they will drive less.

It also found that 57% of road users are planning a trip to the countryside and 56% are heading off to the seaside. Just 15% say they are unlikely to visit any UK attractions by car this summer.   

Neil Atherton, sales and marketing director, Autoglass, said: “Recent statistics from the Department of Transport revealed weekend traffic is at 103% and weekdays at 97% of pre-pandemic levels.”