Drivers favour going it alone

Almost two thirds of drivers want unaccompanied test drives to become standard practice.

According to new research by AX, 63% are in favour of unaccompanied test drives as standard.

The top reason given by seven in 10 drivers was that it would help them to concentrate on the car itself, without distraction from the salesperson. Six in 10 drivers said it would make the test drive experience less awkward, while 54% said it would enable them to choose their own route rather than one chosen by the salesperson.

Just over half would feel they could test the car’s performance more thoroughly and 49% said they would feel under less pressure to make a driving mistake.

Meanwhile, 62% said a time between 15 minutes and two hours as the ideal length to test a car, although one in five drivers would desire an extended test drive lasting three hours or more.