Driver crisis sparks spike in searches

New research has found that online searches for ‘truck driver UK’ escalated a staggering 1,300% from 26 September, when the HGV shortage burst into the news.

Analysis of Google search data carried out by delivery management experts Urbantz revealed that online interest in truck driver positions in the UK skyrocketed to 14 times the average volume.

The study also found that the number of HGV vehicles registered in the UK decreased from 54,000 to 36,000 between 2019 and 2020 – a reduction of a third, according to data collated from the Department of Transport.

A spokesperson for Urbantz said: “It’s fascinating to see how much online interest in UK-based truck driver jobs has increased across the globe, following news of the country’s unprecedented need for HGV drivers. The fuel crisis and driver shortage has the potential to put a lot of pressure on the country, as we rely on deliveries for our basic necessities, so hopes will be high that search interest will convert into job applications.”

The government has sought to ease the crisis by drafting in drivers from the army while also relaxing visas for overseas drivers, although there is some doubt that these measures will fully address the estimated shortage of 100,000 drivers that currently exists in the UK.