Charity launches mobility hub ‘toolkits’

Shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility UK has introduced a new toolkit to support the setting up of mobility hubs.

Mobility hubs involve different modes of environmentally-friendly transport coming together in one place, alongside community facilities.

Now CoMoUK has created the two free guides with the aim of driving the creation of more sustainable transport options across the UK. The first new document includes new research on mobility hub delivery models, which has been launched across the UK.

It includes guidance on management, accreditation and highlights a free forum for authorities to attend, and sets out examples of successful projects across the UK.

It is accompanied by a ‘mobility hubs toolkit’ publication which is particularly aimed at Scotland where the Scottish Government has identified the concept as a priority, and contains information about setting up hubs with guidance on viability, design and promotion.

The new resources also help transport professionals identify which type of mobility hub would be best suited for cities, towns and villages in their area.

Richard Dilks, chief executive of CoMoUK, said: “Mobility hubs increase transport links, improve public health, bring economic benefits to the local community and save people money. “They are already popular across Europe, but the UK has a bit of catching up to do.

“We’ve created these toolkits so that transport professionals and individuals interested in getting involved can get tips on how to properly pursue this.”