Symach supports TDN in the UK

Symach has announced that its equipment and technology are fully operational in TDN Group’s first facility in the United Kingdom.

TDN Group has also incorporated technology and safety equipment to calibrate Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and repair electric and hybrid vehicles.

Jordan Fisher, managing director of AXIOM-UK, a TDN Group Company, said: “Since installing Symach’s unique FixLine process, we’ve found that it has helped us with efficiency in our facility. The track system we installed creates a process and workflow that dramatically speeds up the movement of vehicles through the shop and Symach’s Drytronic technology fully cures paint in just few seconds.”

He said the equipment also allows the shop to quality control repaired vehicles and reduce the risk of rework and customer complaints.

Osvaldo Bergaglio, CEO of Symach, added: “We enjoyed working with TDN Group to set up their world-class facility in the UK. Symach’s FixLine process and Drytronic technology will drastically reduce the cost and time of repairs at TDN Group’s shop.”