Motorists urged to perform key safety checks

Three quarters of motorists will take to UK roads this summer on way to a “staycation”, but most won’t make the necessary safety checks to their vehicles beforehand.

A survey by found that 75% of UK motorists will opt for vacation in the country this summer, but 27% of motorists fail to check the condition of their tyres and over half (58%) admit they don’t make sure that their car lights are working properly.

As such, BookMyGarage is offering a free Summer Safety Check through 850 of its independent and franchised dealer garages. It includes critical roadworthiness checks including all fluid levels, lights, tyres, steering and brake pads. Motorists can book nationwide through

Co-founder Karen Rotberg said: “The MOT extension has left many unchecked and potentially unroadworthy cars on the roads but, now that the lockdown is easing, people are starting to plan longer journeys as they look to rescue what’s left of the summer holiday period.

“That makes it all the more important that, in the absence of an MOT and after a potentially long period of time during which cars have been left on driveways, safety checks are carried out.

“There are plenty of checks you can do yourself at home, but we’d always recommend that you have a professional cast an eye over the more safety-critical components on your car.”