Hitachi and eCars247 collaborate

Personal, motor, and retail finance provider, Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, has collaborated with eCars247 to offer a brand new and highly innovative end-to-end e-commerce experience for used car buyers across the UK.

eCars247 is the UK’s only entirely online used car retailer with a complete and instant finance service included. Buyers can benefit from competitive pricing, time-saving customer services, and the convenience and security of a personal loan finance offer (up to five years) from trusted provider, Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance.

The online car retailer offers a selection of HPI and AA inspected used vehicles, ranging in price from £160-£320 per month, plus home or work delivery, a 14-day test drive period, and even the option to part-exchange a current vehicle – and all made attainable in as little as 24 hours (with just a £100 deposit required) by an instant finance offer.

The collaborative service agreement between eCars247 and Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance is presented in response to proven consumer demand for a simpler, quicker, and more convenient car buying experience; as revealed in research1 with 1,000 car owners undertaken by the finance provider Hitachi Capital.

Three-quarters (75%) of the 1,000 car owners surveyed confirmed they had owned (or did currently own) a vehicle purchased on finance – highlighting just how popular this payment option already is.

When asked about if they would consider buying a vehicle of their choice on finance, and processed entirely online (with delivery, test drive, and part-exchange services offered), 87% responded that this would appeal to them. Millennials were most interested (96%) which aligns with the results already seen by ecars247, where males aged between 25 and 34 make up the core audience demographic.

Interest in this service split regionally:
‘It would appeal to me’
• South East England – 90%
• Northern England – 87%
• Scotland – 87%
• Central England – 86%
• South West England – 84%
• Wales – 81%

When it comes to why, a quarter (25%) said they would consider it if they could get a better deal, while 23% said this would certainly appeal to them as they find an in-person/dealership purchase experience stressful and time-consuming. Around one in five (21%) believe this sort of service would be a lot more convenient overall.

But just how much does the nation value convenience, and how long do people want to invest in the car buying process?

On average, respondents said they value convenience highly when purchasing a car (an average 7.1/10 with one being ‘no value at all’ and ten being ‘essential’).

Following selection of a vehicle, around half (49%) would choose to have the entire purchase complete in less than four hours (25% stated than under an hour would be preferable).

Christopher Killen from eCars247 commented, ‘We know buyers are increasingly looking for a more convenient and innovative service in the market. We wanted to launch this offering with Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance to fuel this growing demand, show our willingness to adapt to the ever-changing market and help shape what the future of used car buying could look like.’

Vincent Reboul, managing director at Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, added, ‘It comes as no surprise that we value our free time, and therefore convenience, in our busy lives. We’re already seeing businesses across a wealth of sectors adapt to make their end-to-end purchases processes so much quicker and easier for their customers; and those that are striving to move with the times and appeal to their customers’ time-restraints, are so often reaping the rewards.

‘It is therefore very logical that car buying advances in this way too. The instant finance service from Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance offered alongside eCars247’s product range, convenient services, and competitive pricing really does make this a very tempting proposition for potential used car owners.’