Drivers unprepared for winter driving

Millions of motorists are unprepared for winter driving – with nearly half admitting they have not conducted any maintenance checks on their vehicle, according to research.

One in six revealed they have previously broken down in the cold season due to not checking their vehicle and, as the weather worsens it’s clear drivers are not taking proper precautions.

Checking battery life, tyre pressure and topping up oil emerged as some of the fundamental inspections which have not yet been carried out.

Shockingly, 40% of those polled don’t know how to adjust the height of their headlight beams, while one in six doesn’t know how to turn on their full beams at all.

Ella Colley from Halfords, which commissioned the survey of 2,000 motorists, said, ‘It’s concerning that so few people perform the relevant checks on their vehicle ahead of winter.

‘Purchasing antifreeze, changing tyres to ensure better grip on the road and getting your brakes checked are all simple measures motorists can take if they plan to drive over the colder, darker months.

‘Do check your car battery, top up on windscreen washer fluid and ensure your lights are in good working condition too. In fact, it’s important to take the time to check your car all over to make sure it’s in the best possible condition before winter arrives.’

Putting on the fog lights and topping up the antifreeze feature among the maintenance functions many car owners don’t know how to perform.

Not surprisingly, one in seven said they find it harder to drive in the winter than the summer, and one in 10 said they avoid driving in the winter altogether.

Heavy snowfall, black ice, and darkness emerged as some of the biggest concerns, with more than half having cancelled a journey recently due to poor weather conditions.

According to government stats, there are more than five million accidents recorded each year – 21% of which are weather related.

Worryingly, 74% of drivers did not recognise the importance of checking the battery charge level during this time of year – when temperatures drop, it’s the car battery that takes the biggest hit.

In fact, discharged batteries are among the most common winter breakdown causes.

When it comes to windscreen maintenance – one in 10 didn’t know that you should never put boiling water on an icy windshield, as this can seriously damage or crack the glass.

Perhaps more alarmingly, 40% did not know how to change their antifreeze.