Citroën 2CV receives 3M makeover

A Citroën 2CV has been transformed into the world’s smallest food truck with help from 3M, to celebrate the model’s 70 anniversary.

The converted 1985 Dolly model – nicknamed Dolly – was helicoptered into the Bicester Heritage motoring hub for its public launch.

Crowds were stunned to see how the tiny vehicle had been revamped into a state-of-the-art kitchen on wheels, complete with sous-vide charcoal oven and bar.

More than 50 British brands have provided products and services for the 2CVat70 project, which celebrates 70 years since the first 2CV launched at the 1948 Paris Motor Show.

3M led the car’s exterior overhaul, together with Coastline Graphics.

Experts at Coastline wrapped the car using 3M wrap films, turning it from a dated off-cream colour to a dark grey with psychedelic highlights.

They completed the work using 1080-S261 Satin Dark Grey and 1080-GP281 Gloss Flip Psychedelic wrap films by 3M.

Dolly will tour the UK, offering food and drinks at major sporting, motoring and culinary events, as well as in towns and cities across the country. Its first stop will be the London Motor Show.

A documentary covering the vehicle’s transformation and upcoming travels is also being filmed.