Spotlight on vehicle and driver data

Industry experts have asked for greater government support in getting to grips with the issues surrounding connected vehicle and driver data.

The calls were made at the BVRLA’s Intelligent Mobility roundtable, which was held on Friday 30 October and hosted by Transport Systems Catapult. Participants made a number of recommendations which the BVRLA will now distil into a succinct policy statement that will be presented to government officials.

Delegates called for the government to help oversee the development of a common set of vehicle and driver data metrics and formats. They suggested that the whole area of automotive data warranted the introduction of a separate, sector-specific data commissioner who could assist the already overstretched information commissioner.

Attendees also proposed the introduction of a new ‘NCAP’ style ratings system that would rank vehicles according to their cyber security credentials.

Speaking about the event, BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney said, ‘The fleet sector will play a vital role in harnessing the many benefits of Intelligent Mobility. BVRLA members are early adopters of connected vehicles and new automotive technology, and buy more than 80% of all UK manufactured vehicles sold in the UK.’

‘The fleet industry needs open, standardised, secure and affordable access to vehicle and driver data to realise the potential advantages of Intelligent Mobility’ Keaney added.

Intelligent Mobility is the term used to refer to any optimised form of transporting people and goods. This concept is beginning to have a major impact on the road transport sector with high hopes that it could result in improved air quality, reduced congestion and increased productivity. The market for Intelligent Mobility is expected to be worth £900billion by 2020.

The next policy roundtable will take place today, Friday 13 November, and will discuss the issue of Air Quality.