Spies Hecker offers primer solutions

Spies Hecker is sharing its expertise to help refinishers identify why and when a primer should be used, and which product is right for which repair.

The use of low quality or incorrect primers can often lead to problems with the long-term quality of a repair. The most common issues are poor adhesion and damage due to stone chipping, jet washing and road salt.

Before application, all substrates should be thoroughly degreased to remove rust or dirt using a silicone remover such as Spies Hecker Permaloid Silicone Remover 7010.

Most metals do not provide a solid surface for paint to adhere to, causing the coating to flake off. If paint is applied directly to metal without a primer, or if the wrong primer is used, there can be a risk of moisture eventually penetrating the film to the metal surface. The can lead to corrosion and adhesion failure. For bare metals, Spies Hecker recommends that refinishers use Priomat Wash Primer 4075 which provides excellent corrosion protection, or Permasolid EP Primer Surfacer 4500, which is easy to apply and can be used wet-on-wet.

Plastics can be porous and if the substrate is made from recycled materials it is even more important to use a primer to ensure strong paint adhesion.

Forward facing areas on vehicles are particularly prone to issues related to stone-chipping and insect residue, which is often jet-washed from close range. This can easily result in adhesion failure if the recommended primer is not used. It is also worth noting that most car manufacturers normally specify a minimum distance from which a jet-wash may be used, but many vehicle owners don’t follow this advice. Spies Hecker recommends using Permacron 1:1 Elastic Primer 3300, which is a high-grade 2K primer or its new versatile Permasolid HS Vario Primer-Surfacer 5340 which can be used as a sanding and non-sanding surfacer, and applied wet-on-wet.

Spies Hecker primers have all been tested to DIN ISO specifications and create a complete system with basecoat and clearcoat.