Savings for AW Repair Group

AW Repair Group has made another technological leap and issued tablets to technicians throughout the group for viewing repair methods and manuals.

With rising print costs and the requirement for methods to now be provided in colour the group decided to simple IT to its strength.

Managing director Andrew Walsh commented, ‘We have seen print costs increase by up to £100 per month per branch recently. When we investigated it was obvious the cause was two-fold: the PAS requirement to have multiple-paged methods with the vehicle and the need for these to now be produced in colour due to colour coding within the method manuals.’

‘We trialled the use of tablets with technicians at our Lincolnshire branch and it worked so well we rolled it out across the group within a month.’

Senior group vehicle damage co-ordinator Rob Mann added, ‘And we immediately noticed the added benefit of technicians using the devices to photograph and capture additional damage providing the support we need as VDAs to seek amended authorisation.’

Before commencing work a technician will request the method to be emailed to his device by the VDA.

‘And this has really had an added benefit too,’ continued Rob. ‘It opens up a discussion between the VDA and technician about the job; any in-progress images we might need and any other information to be shared before the repair even starts.’

The innovative change in process is expected to save the group more than £6,000 a year in print costs alone.