RMI challenges MOT announcement

The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) which represents retail business across the automotive sector including franchised dealers and independent garages, notes the chancellor’s announcement that he intends to consult on increasing the period before a car receives its first MOT test from three years to four. The RMI strongly opposes such a change which can only serve to damage the UKs enviable road safety record.

Even an average mileage car is significantly more likely to be driving on unsafe and worn tyres and brakes after 4 years compared to 3 and any extension is likely to see more failures of safety related components such as shock absorbers long before they are identified at MOT- especially in high-mileage cars. The overall reliability of modern cars and longer servicing intervals means that the current generation of drivers are far less likely to be aware of vehicle faults.

Their lack of knowledge is masked as the majority of new cars have a three year warranty period from the manufacturer which identifies and rectifies such faults without cost to the driver in the period where an MOT is not yet required. If this is extended beyond the vehicle’s warranty, there may be vehicles driving on the roads for a full year with safety related faults.

RMI director Stuart James said, ‘The government seems to take the view that the MOT is a burden on motorists – we think that motorists deserve more credit than that. Road safety is a priority for them and their families and they understand that roadworthiness testing of vehicle is an important part of making our roads among the safest in Europe.’